Robert-Gregory "G-Stud" Phloersonigatifergersonisonfergret is Carla's only biological brother. They are really

Robert-Gregory Phloersonigatifergersonisonfergret


July 5, 1987







Alma Maters

All Saints Prep

Benjamin Franklin High School

University of New York at Buffalo

close to each other. They feel close becaus they are the musicians of the family and it's really awkward for them to be with the family because they don't understand what it means to be an artist.

Early LifeEdit

Robert-Gregory was born in 1987. He and Carla have been making music together ever since Carla's second year, in 1994. He went to All Saints Prep, but did not go to SWS. Instead he went to Benjamin Franklin High School, commonly referred to as Benjamin High. He coined the name "G-Stud" after he graduated from the University of New York at Buffalo.


He works under the record label "Kick Butt Music." He currently has two albums out, "Give It Up, Yo!" and "Word To Yo' Momma." He is currently recording a song for the soundtrack of the upcoming movie, "Friday." He has plans to go on tour with his sister over the summer.


Give It Up, Yo! (2009)Edit

  • Get Up and Dance
  • Eff Like Tiger
  • Kiss Me Here
  • No No Yo!
  • Mayo
  • Peanut Butter (feat. Paper Rapper)
  • I Want More
  • Push Me
  • Give It up, Yo

​Word To Yo' Momma (2010)Edit

  • Damn!
  • Kiss My @$$
  • Kill With A Gun
  • Camera
  • Gunny Gun Gun
  • Oh My Effin' God
  • Jesus, My Man
  • I Kick You There
  • Yo' Momma's So
  • Word To Yo' Momma

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