Karen Gokkel


January 20, 1992





Horse Trainer

Alma Maters

Artsy Kids

South West School

Karen Gokkel "Moreena," is an American cover artist, most ascociated with Lady Avalagrio . She was born on January 20. She is one of Lady Avalagrio's best friends, along with Margaret Linsani

Early LifeEdit

Karen Gokkel was born to Rex Jenson and Fiona Gokkel. Karen’s parents never married, and her father left before she was born. She went to Artsy Kids, an elementary and middle school that specializes in artistic kids. When she was still a child, her mother started dating Damon Willis, a sleazy reporter for the National Enquirer. Damon got her mother pregnant, and then left her. This resulted in the birth of her half-brother, Louis Gokkel. Her mother was left with a child and a baby and basically no income. For the next two years, the Gokkel family lived as squatters in an unused house. Finally, Fiona was able to get a job, so the Gokkel family moved into a real house. During this time, Karen had still been going to Artsy Kids on a scholarship. Also during this time, she discovered her love for horses. When Karen graduated Artsy Kids, she was granted a scholarship to South West School, where she became friends with Carla Phloerson, Margaret Linsani, and Erik Patterson.

Life at SWSEdit

She joined Lady Avalagrio and Her Royal Court at SWS. She sang backup most of the time, but she occasionally sang lead in certain songs. She graduated with Margaret and Carla in 2010.


She originally started as a horse trainer, but later, with the encouragement of Carla, decided to become a singer. She maintained her horse trainer career, but is also working on her first album. She is not represented by a record label yet. At the end of 2011, she released a self-titled EP, featuring all covers.


Moreena (2011)

  • Welcome to the Black Parade
  • Helena
  • Back to Black
  • Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
  • Super Bass
  • I Will Always Love You

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