Erik Gilbert Patterson (1992-2008) was the closeted gay student at South West School. He was a semi-stereotypical gay man. He loved fashion and Broadway musicals and hated sports, but he is also a very talented rapper and sings tenor. He was Carla's best friend up until his death in 2008.

Early LifeEdit

Erik was born on March 8, 1992. He was born to Hannalee Rubin Patterson and George Patterson. He was an only child, up until 2000, when his identical twin sisters were born. In 2005, when he started eighth grade, he began to bee teased for his unusual dress style and his unusual tastes. The teasing got to be so bad, that instead of going to the public high school, he transferred to SWS, where he met Karen, Carla and Margaret.

Life at SWSEdit

For the most part, Erik was accepted at SWS. The students were unsure of wheather he was gay or not, since Erik was confused about his sexual orientation during this time, but they had their suspicions. Erik met Karen first, as they were in the same homeroom and they're neighbors. She used to tease him because he was different than any other guy she's ever met, but she learned to accept him and they became good friends. He met Carla in homeroom as well and they became really good friends. He lied to Carla about where he went to middle school. He played keyboard as a member of Lady Avalagrio and Her Royal Court. In the middle of his freshmen year, he encountered some of the bullies from his old school. He attempted to stand up for himself, but they started to beat him up. Carla, Margaret and Karen witnessed this and they tried to defend him, but the bullies threw them into a puddle. Later on in the year, after LAAHRC won second place in Battle of the Bands, the first place winners, the bullies from his old school, started to tease him but they were soon stopped by Quincey, one of the students from Erik's old school. This caused Erik to finally reveal the truth about his past. He an Carla had a good cry on the steps and they became best friends.


During the summer between his freshman and sophmore year, he started recieving anonymous phone calls calling him insulting names. These continued throught his school year. He also started to get cyberbullied. On February 14th, he realized that he was indeed gay. Also on this day, Carla confessed to Erik that she loved him. He told her that he felt love towards her that friends feel, but that he didn't love her in a romantic way. He then confessed to her his sexuality. She understood. That same day, while walking home from school alone, he was jumped by a masked assailant, but it was later revealed to be one of the bullies. The assailant beat him severely. Erik stumbled home, tied a scarf to a curtain hanger in his room and hung himself.

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