Carla Maricarmenita Phloersonigatifergersonisonfergret


February 29, 1992


Lady Avalagrio



Alma Maters

All Saints Prep

South West School

Carla Maricarmenita "Lady Avalagrio" Phloersonigatifergersonisonfergret is an American singer. She has recieved many awards and is highly respected by many, including a third world dictator who wishes to remain anonymous. She is a member of the Gay-Straight Alliance and a huge supporter of PFLAG (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbiens and Gays), which causes her to recieve critisms made by the Tea Party. She is a fan of the popular TV show Glee , her favorite character being Kurt because he reminds her of Erik.

Early LifeEdit

Carla was born on February 29th, 1992. Technically, she is four and three-quarter years old. She was born into a family that practiced mormonism and polygamy. She had two older sisters, Kelly and Helena, and three younger sisters, Emmy , Jolene and Ingrid. She also has one older brother, rapper G-Stud. Her home life was complicated because her father had many wives and her relationship with her older sisters was extremly hostile. She recalls in her book, How I Became the Worldwide Phenomenon That I Am Without Even Trying , that her sisters tried to drown her when she was a baby. She attended All Saints Prep for elementry and middle school. When she was in eighth grade, she was accepted into South West School , a private school for students gifted in music or drama. This would set the course for her fame, later in life.

Life at South West SchoolEdit

When she was at SWS, she formed her first band with fellow students, Margaret Linsani , Karen Gokkel and Erik Patterson. Her band stayed together for two years before it broke up because of the death of Erik. She graduated from SWS in 2010.


Carla was discovered by Leigh Helena Lee, a representative of Singing Fat Lady Records. Carla was working in a hair salon at the time she was discovered. She was singing while stlying Leigh's hair and Leigh enjoyed her voice so much that she got Carla and audition with the president of the company. One thing led to another, and soon she released an album titled "Bad Times." Her lawyer is Clarissa Clayton, a represenative of Clayton and Co. Law Firm. She also released an album in memory of Erik. The album contained six original songs and six covers. The second album contained several covers and an original song. Her next album, releeased in 2012 is devoted entirely to song mashups from her favorite TV show, Glee, as well as an original mashup of "Baby One More Time" and "Slave 4 U," both by Britney Spears. Her first EP was released also in 2012, and it includes two covers and four original songs. She is also working on another album, entitled "The High School Years," and it includes songs about her feelings on high school, and teenagers in general. She is currently writing the screenplay for the upcoming movie "Friday," in which she will be playing the role of Tiffany. She is also recording part of th soundtrack for the upcoming movie "The Mike Perry Tragedy."


Bad Times (2010)Edit

Erik (2010)Edit

MASH (2012)Edit

  • It's My Life/Confessions Pt. II (feat. G-Stud)
  • Perfect/Just the Way You Are (feat. Moreena)
  • Rumor Has It/Someone Like You
  • Crazy In Love/Hair (feat. G-Stud)
  • Start Me Up/Livin' On A Prayer (feat. NonCalLent & Moreena)
  • I'm A Slave 4 U/Baby One More Time
  • Survivior/I Will Survive
  • Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin' Jack Flash
  • Umbrella/Singin' In The Rain

Be Mine (2012)Edit

  • The Way I Do (feat. Romeo Walker)
  • Just One Kiss
  • Talk
  • Bleaches and Blues
  • Tik Tok
  • You Make Me Feel

The High School Years (2012)Edit

  • Opportunity
  • What is this Feeling? (feat. Moreena)
  • Sexy and I Know It (feat. NonCalLent)
  • Teenagers

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